Upcoming Events

10/23/2019 - Ascension Day School

Raising Secure, Confident and Socially Competent Children - Katie Sardone, PhD

10/29/19 - Texas Health Fort Worth Huguley Hospital

Provider Well-being and Burnout Prevention - Katie Sardone, PhD

11/12/2019 - The Lamplighter School

Parent Perks Series - Katie Sardone, PhD

Past Events

9/26/19 - Texas Health Fort Worth Ethics Grand Rounds

Provider Well-being and Burnout Prevention - Katie Sardone, PhD

9/19/2019 - Dallas Psychological Association

Women’s Sexual Health - Anna Thomas, PhD and Lyndsey Harper, MD

9/7/2019 - 8th Annual Gynecologic Oncology Symposium

Joan Katz Cancer Resource Center, Baylor Scott & White, Fort Worth, TX

Provider Burnout - Katie Sardone, PhD

8/15/2019 - Expert Q&A Panel Member speaking on “Tips and Tricks” to Renew your Home and Mind before Back-to-School with Neighborhood Goods and Gardenuity

Katie Sardone, PhD

7/31/2019 - First3Years - Maternal Depression, Anxiety and Stress: Impact on Infant

Katie Sardone, PhD

5/9/2019 - Texas Health Resources, Fort Worth

Provider Self-Care - Katie Sardone, PhD

5/13/2019 - Texas Health Resources Mommy Mixer

Katie Sardone, PhD

5/16/2019 - National Association of the Remodeling Industry - Dallas Chapter

Katie Sardone, PhD

4/16/2019 - Baylor University Medical Center

Women’s Health Physical Therapy - Katie Sardone

2/26/2019 - Texas Health Resources

Physician Self-Care – Katie Sardone, PhD

1/14/2019 - Texas Health Resources Mommy Mixer

Perinatal Mood Disorders – Katie Sardone, PhD & Anna Thomas, PhD

11/16/2018 - Texas Psychological Association

Perinatal Mood Disorders – Katie Sardone, PhD, Anna Thomas, PhD & Sheila Chutani, MD

10/4/2018 - Texas Health Resources Pastoral Care Department

Suicide Assessment and Prevention – Katie Sardone, PhD

4/10/2018 - Medical City, Plano, TX

Plano Area Mothers of Multiples (PAMOM) – Katie Sardone, PhD

7/15/2017 - The NEST, Addison, TX

Postpartum Depression – Katie Sardone, PhD