Behavioral Health Dallas offers individual, group and department level interventions specifically for healthcare providers and medical systems. Our consulting approach is evidence-based and rooted in psychological knowledge and clinical expertise. We exclusively collaborate with healthcare professionals to accelerate performance, improve well-being, shift problematic patterns, and increase personal and professional satisfaction. 

How We Are Different

All BHD Consultants and Coaches are doctoral level providers who have completed the highest level of training in their perspective specialty (e.g., Clinical Psychology, Counseling Psychology, and I/O Psychology). As former faculty members at academic medical centers and outpatient clinics, we know what it’s like to be in the trenches working alongside physicians as providers in inpatient, outpatient and specialty settings. Due to our background and training, we are experts in assessment, intervention and providing meaningful feedback. Additionally, we are trained to quickly identify strengths and areas of improvement in order to make specific recommendations and catalyze lasting change. 

Specialty services include:

  • Program Development (e.g., behavioral health clinic or program development, screening protocol implementation, provider well-being/burnout initiative development)

  • Group or Departmental Change (e.g., conflict resolution, improving patient-provider relationships, improving patient satisfaction, cultural change) 

  • Individual Intervention (e.g., assessment, coaching, communication skills development, professionalism, video/live observation and feedback opportunities)

  • Teaching/Training (e.g., speaking engagements, workshops, one-on-one training, group/department learning interventions, nursing and staff training)

Frequently requested trainings include:

  • Physician Well-being/Self-Care

  • Preventing Burnout at the System, Department, and Individual Level

  • Improving Provider-Patient Relationships

  • Working with Difficult Patients

  • Breaking Bad News

  • Screening for Mood, Anxiety and/or Suicidal Ideation

  • Motivational Interviewing for Physicians 

  • Women’s Health Issues Across the Lifespan

About our Coaches


Dr. Katie Sardone

Dr. Katie Sardone, offering consulting and coaching for healthcare provides

Dr. Sardone specializes in physician coaching, professional development, and program development for medical practices. Her consulting approach is rooted in evidence-based intervention, doctoral level knowledge of human behavior, and a supportive and practical approach to coaching grounded in clinical expertise. Dr. Sardone has previously worked in medical residency programs and interdisciplinary clinics training residents, developing curriculum, creating and managing programs, and conducting research. Following her hospital and faculty appointments, she began offering consulting services in the private sector for physicians, healthcare workers and various healthcare systems. During this time Dr. Sardone has collaborated with local and national healthcare systems in implementing physician well-being workshops, burnout prevention trainings, and various coaching and program development initiatives around patient satisfaction and physician behavior change.