Below you will find a list of resources by topic as a supplement to the services we provide. This list is not exhaustive and our practitioners welcome the opportunity to collaborate with organizations or community providers to update this list of resources and offerings. Contact us directly with additional questions or concerns.

Support for Perinatal Women

Medication Resources

Postpartum Support

Pregnancy and Postpartum Fitness

Midwifery Service

  • Adrienne Jones, MSN, RN, CNM
    Texas Health Resources
    8160 Walnut Hill Lane, 6th Floor
    Dallas, Tx. 75231
    (214) 345-6817

Perinatal Acupuncture

Perinatal Chiropractic Service

Infertility Support

Fertility Acupuncture

Fertility Yoga and Support

Parenting Support

Dallas Area

NICU Support

Support Group

Miscarriage, Stillbirth & Infant Loss Support

Parenting Resources

Grief Support

Organizations and Associations